Branch Manager Academy

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Mortgage Branch Manager Academy

Are you a branch manager in search of a winning leadership strategy?

Do you want to know how to double your production this year?

Would you like to have the exact steps that other branch managers have used to make an additional $15K-$20K?

If you are ready to increase your income and upgrade your life, then you are the perfect candidate for The Branch Manager Academy.

Branch Manager Academy is not for everyone though. It is only for you if, and only if, you are confident that you have what it takes to become a top producer once you have the necessary tools and strategies in place.

Branch Manager Academy is an exclusive 6 month course that covers:

  • Recruitment
  • The Leadership mindset
  • Market analysis
  • Financial mastery
  • Pricing and product strategies
  • Team building and best practice workflows
  • Implementing sales strategies

Every month, you will be introduced to a new module which will include webinars and quizzes to test your comprehension. Then you will get to participate in a group call to discuss the content of the module, ask questions, and share experiences. Finally, you will also get an individual or small group call to tackle your individual goals and challenges and get action steps that make sense for your unique situation.

Many past and current Freedom Club MLO’s that have attended Branch Manager Academy have had amazing results that actually paid for a year or two of coaching.

Amazingly, Branch Manager Academy is included in your membership to The Freedom Club. Once you join, you will see how other Freedom Club MLO’s supersized their income by 5 figures and get on track to do the same.

You will also discover the difference between bad branch managers and stellar ones. Branch Manager Academy recognizes that not every big producer is ready to be a leader or a manager yet. Therefore, when you join, you will also get to develop your leadership skills in order to double your production and improve the lives of your team.

Leadership topics of Branch Manager Academy Include:

  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Inspiration
  • Expectations

You’re only six months, and a seat in BMA away, from a better life.

If you would like access to exclusive training courses like Branch Manager Academy,

Sign up for a strategy call with Scott Hudspeth now to see if this is a fit for you and your branch.

To your success!

Scott Hudspeth